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Hello, Welcome to Tiny But Mighty Baby

Many expectant and new parents have such high hopes for their growing family. Hearing from your physician or midwife that something may be wrong with your pregnancy or baby can be terrifying.


Tiny But Mighty Baby is here to help.

Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) is a condition that makes a growing fetus smaller than he or she is supposed to be and affects approximately 200,000 babies each year. The good news is that most babies born with IUGR do very well. However, IUGR increases the chance that your baby will have health challenges after birth and throughout life.

It is very important that you do not feel alone as you learn to care for your tiny but mighty baby. Each section in this website is devoted to you, new parents who are learning everything they can about IUGR.


I am Dr. Erin Zinkhan, a physician who specializes in caring for tiny and sick babies. I encourage you to share your questions with me. I will answer your questions based on the most recent medical knowledge and research about IUGR. However, please understand that these explanations are not a substitute for medical advice. You will need to speak with your physicians about your specific concerns.

To learn more about how IUGR may impact your pregnancy and your child, check back to this site often as Dr. Zinkhan will update the blog regularly. Join the email list to have Dr. Zinkhan email you the latest updates and research advances about IUGR.


Also, check out the book Dr. Zinkhan has written about IUGR (available now!) It was written for families just like you.

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